Catching autumn waves on the west coast

Autumn is here, the leaves have turned and the storms are battering the coast line. Pure bliss for some of us.

Kristoffer, Dan and I set off for a Sunday roadtrip up the west coast to chase waves. The forecast predicted gale force winds. And given the strong winds the day before we were hoping for a nice build-up. 

We were not disappointed. Stunning conditions, strong winds, good-size waves, plenty of clean faces to play on and the autumn light made for some marvelous  contrasts on the water. A session to remember.


It never fails. No matter how stressed, worried, tired, down or generally not on top of things I am (and it’s been tough few weeks, both on a personal and work level) - getting a couple of hours on the water clears my mind and calms my body and soul. Throw in great company, late-summer warmth (ish) and it being Friday afternoon and it’s pretty darn close to perfect. 

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